June 8th, 2007


What I'm Looking Forward To

Picking one thing out of the Year of the Teledu programme is hard. There are so many great programme items I want to see but as I'm forced to pick one its going to be the Eastercon Reading List.

fishlifter and reverendjim will be talking about the great guests coming to next year's Eastercon and what you should read to get the most out of these guests. This may not have the immediate attention grabbing power of the Fencing or the Bondage Workshop but to me its represents what Teledu is all about. Helping fans be better fans.

The more I can appreciate about Eastercon's guests and their works, the more I can contribute. This makes my Eastercon better and, by getting people more involved, it improves everyones Eastercon experience.

So 2pm Saturday July 21st, I will be in the Knighton suite.


P.s. Year of the Teledu is only 6 weeks away. The hotel is filling up very fast so join up now.